Color Technique: Something BOLD!

“My guest came in and asked for something BOLD, something to make her stand out and SING…she wanted something RED! I showed her options that would suit her skin tone and eye color…and when it was all over, she sang!” explains Dominique DeFrancesco, Colorist from De La Mer Salon (Bellmore, NY).

Bold Red

Detail A: Goldwell Developer 30 volume with Goldwell Topchic 6KG (20 mls) 6KR (15mls) 6NA (5mls for control)

Detail B: Goldwell Developer 10 volume with Goldwell Topchic 6KG (10 mls) 7KG (10mls) 6KR (10mls) 7KR (10mls) 

Detail C:  Goldwell Colorance Lotion 60 mls with Goldwell Colorance 8OR (20mls) 7BG (5mls) 7KG (5mls) 

Step 1. Apply Detail A root to mids.

Step 2. Apply Detail B melting into Detail A, overlaying the previous lightened hair to create depth and dimension.

Step 3. Process for 35 minutes.

Step 4. Shampoo, towel dry and apply Detail C root to ends, process for 10 minutes.

“I finished the red canvas with a Goldwell Colorance glaze to add shine and enhance her vibrant hues, it adds shine and re-conditions hair so it’s extremely glossy.  I then like to apply Goldwell Dualsenses Color Lock Serum to lock color in and extend the vibrancy up to 22 washes,” she adds.

“Finishing color with a glaze and serum are added benefits that not only make your guest’s color look amazing, it makes you stand out as a professional providing a service that can not be done at home,” says Patrick McIvor is Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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