Get the Look: Nordic Ice Hair Color

Hairstylist Caitlin of Nesbit Salon created this gorgeous, silvery-lavender hair color, featured as one of Beauty Launchpad's recent #LPWeeklydos. Says Caitlin, "My inspiration for the cut was my client's gorgeous facial structure. I follow a lot of high-end fashion and I feel as though I can predict what is edgy and wearable that given trend cycle." Below, Caitlin shares the formulas she used to get the look, as well as tips for recreating this gorgeous color for your own clients!

Get the Look: Nordic Ice
"Using the BLONDEME line by Schwarzkopf Professional, I created this look in two steps," says Caitlin.

1. "First I pre-lifted her to a level 9, and she had some remaining yellow pigment.

2. "Next I used Schwarzkopf's BLONDME Toning Cremes on towel-dried hair.

3. "At the root to mid-strands, I mixed 3 to 1 Ice Toning Creme and Steel Blue Toning Creme with 7% volume.

4. "On the ends, I feathered my mixture of 2 to 1 Ice Toning Creme and Lilac Toning Creme with 7% volume, and let process for 15 minutes."
Tips on the Color:
"Gauge your client's fashion sense and dilute the fashion shades accordingly," advises Caitlin. "More steel blue or violet to the ratio for a more daring look and less for a more conservative edge. Let the fashion colors process longer or shorter for a more permanent or dense look. If your client is unsure, do the toning as a flash toner at the shampoo bowl on more saturated hair. For a denser color apply to drier hair and process longer.
"My advice to a client on maintaining this is mostly low maintenance. First, wash as little as possible. When cleansing, at least once a week use a purple toning shampoo and conditioner. When styling, always use a UV protective serum as a heat protectant. Secondly I would advise to see your colorist once every four weeks for root touch ups and glazing.

"I like doing hair for people of all ages and I enjoy making everyone more unique with what I do. I'm exceedingly lucky to live in such an up-and-coming city with such a young vibe! I work full time with hair and my family and I love every second. I also love what social media has done for this industry. It connects artists all over the world to support and inspire each other!Follow me on Instagram @caitlinxdanger."

[Image courtesy of Nesbit Salon (@nesbitsalon) on Instagram]

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