Create Salon Head Candy's Sweet Licorice and Cotton Candy Inspired Hairstyle

Salon Head Candy's new spring collection is inspired by sweet treats including Nerds, chocolate bars and butterscotch. The vibrant red and plum creation seen on model Emily weaves in various colors inspired by licorice and cotton candy.  

The New Jersey salon's owner Robin Dorton and stylist Tronisha created this bold look. They started by taking a large circular section around the entire head from temple to temple, and prelightened with Blondor + 20 vol mid shaft through ends and Blondor + 10 volume at the root area until pale yellow. They added 1/4" pie-shaped slices around the circle, alternating in 4 different shades, leaving 1/2" in-between. Next they applied the base color to the hair underneath the circle and to the hair left out of the slices.

The hair was cut into long layers with a straight razor cut & blow dried with Ibiza boar's hair round brushes, pinning each section up until cooled.

Base color: Wella Koleston Perfect 55/46 + /65
Slices in 4 shades, all Koleston Perfect with Pastel developer.
A: 10/6 + /66
B: 10/6 + /65
C: 10/8 + /68
D: 7/4 + /45 + 10 volume

[Image courtesy of Salon Head Candy]

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