Chromastics Gets Real in Orlando

Hair color guru Tom Dispenza and Peter Ciotti joined forces 10 years ago to create Chromastics, a boutique hair color line designed with organic chemistry based on a combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Instead of hundreds of shades of hair color in the dispensary, Chromastics offers just 19 shades of permanent hair color from which you can create a near-infinite amount of formulations.

The company, which is growing rapidly across North America, recently held its first annual educational conference, Shades of Excellence, in Orlando, Florida, where attendees experienced two days of pure hair color education from Dispenza; Caitlin Maddan, Director of Education for Carabito, a boutique-style distributor in Searsport, Maine; and Chase Wakeling, Vice President of Education for Carabito and worldwide Haircolor Association Master Hair Colorist. Also onstage was Mike Karg, president of KARG Inc. and a pioneer in the art of dry haircutting with his own line of shears designed specifically to cut hair dry, and Stephen Adams, owner of Moxie Hair Salons in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, who demonstrated the art of 3D haircutting with a razor. Meanwhile, Trixie Dickinson, Tracy Eaton, Brentt Flammang and Ginger Huff, members of the Chromastics Hair Color Education Team presented an electrifying forecast of creative hair color and design. Marianne Dougherty, editor in chief of The Colorist and editor at large for Launchpad, presented hair color trends for spring/summer and offered tips for generating publicity by creating the kinds of photographs that will get noticed by editors. Larry Oskin, President of Marketing Solutions in Fairfax, Virginia, also offered a motivating session on marketing, branding and media relations.

From the beginning, the goal at Chromastics has been to provide the hairdresser with state-of-the-art hair color products backed by a world-class education program. Says Ciotti, “This combination allows serious colorists to achieve the status of masters of their craft.”

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[Photo credit: Larry Oskin] [pagebreak]

Chromastics President Tom Dispenza and CEO Peter Ciotti [pagebreak]

Franco Marino serves as Northeast Artistic Director for Chromastics and is on the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. [pagebreak]

Stephen Adams demonstrated razor cutting. [pagebreak]

Tom Dispenza offered tips for working with red shades. [pagebreak]

Chase Wakeling and Caitlin Maddan of Carabito’s. [pagebreak]

Stephen Adams and Brentt Flammang of Moxie Hair Salons in Minneapolis and St. Paul teamed up on cut and color. [pagebreak]

Mike Karg drew a crowd, who watched him demonstrate his signature dry haircutting technique. [pagebreak]

THE GANG’S ALL HERE: Mike Karg, Brennt Flammang, Stephen Adams, Northeast Artistic Director for Chromastics Franco Marino, Tom Dispenza, Chase Wakeling, Caitlin Maddan, Tracy Eaton, Trixie Dickinson, Marianne Dougherty, Ginger Huff, Larry Oskin and Peter Ciotti.

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