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The success of any beauty business depends on its ability to book services for its clients. However, salon scheduling is not the easiest task. To help your salon make the most of its bookings, we asked Rachel D’Angelo - Director of Client & Partner Relations for Rosy Salon Software, about ways you can fill your chairs by optimizing your salon scheduling.

As a former stylist and salon owner, what are some of the best ways you’ve found to help salons optimize their schedules?

Rachel: Salon scheduling software can definitely help streamline and even automate the booking process. The great thing about Rosy’s scheduling software is that it does much of the work for you with specialized functionality that helps you service clients more effectively. Rosy offers an integrated solution that includes booking, automated communications, and payment processing.

What are some of the must-haves when it comes to scheduling effectively?

Rachel: A great time-saving way to schedule clients is through online booking. This feature is used when your customers go online through a link on your website, social media channels, or salon scheduling app to book their appointments at their convenience. Having your clients book online takes the pressure off your staff. You can look forward to fewer calls, less checkout time, and a reduction in client data updates.

How does it work with confirmations?

Rachel: Sending clients an appointment confirmation and a reminder is proven to keep them on time and virtually eliminate no-shows. The best thing about Rosy’s automated communications is that they eliminate the need for confirmation calls—a huge time-saver for you and your receptionist.

What tactics will help salons fill schedules?

Rachel: Having a waitlist for your salon helps keep your schedule filled. Should a cancellation occur, you have a better chance of filling the spot. What’s great about Rosy is that it pops up the next person in line automatically; that way, you can slide the next person in line into that spot.

Another way to optimize your salon scheduling is by double-booking whenever you can. While one client’s chemical service is processing, schedule a quicker service on another client in between. That way, you can service more clients and generate more income. 

How can scheduling software help with cancellations and no-shows? Rachel: I’d suggest adopting a cancellation policy using RosyPay integrated payment processing to store credit card information. You could require a credit card on file before anyone can book an appointment, that way, you’re covered should someone no-show.

Why Rosy?

Rachel: With Rosy, you can automate processes and day-to-day operations and provide convenience while offering your clients the best possible service!

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