Aloxxi Unveils its Trend Collection for the Season


Aloxxi’s latest trend compilation is an examination in contrasts— wavy manes with a touch of whimsy meet sleek strands that are rooted in reality; likewise, paler-than-the-moon shades contend with earth-driven chestnut tones. In summation: As far as summer beauty is concerned, anything goes.

Aloxxi Super MoonTrend: Super Moon

Front and center in “Super Moon,” the Aloxxi team-dubbed “otherworldly palettes” evoke a sense of stillness in an “ever-moving world.”

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Aloxxi In Bloom

Trend: In Bloom

Rooted in romance, “In Bloom” exudes warmth and vitality with golden tones and delicate boho-derived styling.

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Aloxxi Tropical Delight

Trend: Tropical Delight

“Tropical Delight” shines the spotlight on hairstyles and colors that are meant to be flirty, feminine and, above all, fun. Varying textures in the hair render movement for an ultra-tactile effect.


[Photographer: Maarten De Boer; Hair: Cassi Young-Paxton, Sam Labella and Josie Lafield; Makup: Noel Nichols; Wardrobe: Lisa Peckham; Nails: Letrice Lopez]

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