Services A Go-Go

App-driven on-demand beauty services are taking the country by storm—allowing stylists to cash in on downtime outside the salon. —TRACY MORIN


Is there anything nowadays— food, entertainment, even healthcare—that consumers don’t expect at the click of a button? Chad Law, VP of sales and marketing for Joiful, an on-demand beauty app, details staggering data: The on-demand economy attracts more than 22.4 million consumers annually, generating $57.6 billion. And with uberbusy lifestyles allowing for fewer salon visits, today’s beauty pros can now offer on-call services. “Consumers jumped on the idea of having a treatment at their home or offi ce, and now popularity among professionals is catching on,” Law relates. “On-demand companies pass on their substantially lower overhead to pros, allowing them to make significantly higher commissions, so they can work less and earn more.”

Many stylists already boast “owner” status (renting a chair or suite, or working freelance), making the move a no-brainer. But even commission-based salon owners should encourage less-booked stylists to work with one of these platforms during time off, Law believes; it relieves paying pros during slow periods while exposing the stylist to new clients. These apps are taking over cities nationwide, so research availability in your area (Joiful launched in Southern California but is looking for artists across the country in 2017). “Our artists make 96 percent more than an hourly salon stylist—that’s huge,” Law notes. “Sign up and give it a shot; do a service or two and decide if it’s for you.”

Signup is usually simple; Joiful requires a short quiz and background check, after which stylists work directly with an industry professional and begin receiving clients. “These clients are people who would never normally go somewhere to receive a treatment—but because of its convenient platform and attractive pricing, they can take care of themselves,” Law explains. “And artists receive an experience that’s both financially and professionally rewarding. After all, who doesn’t want more income?”

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