Party on the Top

Party On Top

In a season filled with the expected lush waves and bejeweled hair, a style that isn’t so “pretty” can be a welcome sight. Such is the case at Givenchy: Matted-down, poodle-like curls flatten crowns while the rest of the hair falls lank and long, lending the models a striking silhouette. Redken global creative director Guido, who created the experimental look using custom wigs as the crowning detail, notes he aimed to re- create a feel reminiscent of a ’70s British punk girl. “It’s an unusual style and new to the eye,” he says. “Each wig was cut and styled separately, and was then colored to a shade slightly off from the girl’s original color to further accentuate the wig from the natural hair.” And while avant-garde styles such as this don’t typically translate to the salon chair, other renditions of “party on top” tresses spotted this season, like Burberry’s fierce fauxhawk bangs or Kenzo’s taut-and teased rolls, could be fodder for your more adventurous souls— and a welcome sight on the streets.

The Big Bang - Teased ends ride high as tousled fringe at Burberry. 



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