Turning Heads

Three hairstyles complement 1960s-inspired fashions at Rachel Antonoff. —AMY DODDS

Turning Heads 1

Turning Heads 2Rachel Antonoff’s Fall/Winter 2016 presentation is less catwalk and more Broadway show—in fact, performers from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying sing and dance while donned in the designer’s wares. And though the fashions may seem like they belong on the set of Mad Men, the attitude is straight out of Girls. In this world, it’s women who are calling the shots, while a lone male secretary, played by Antonoff’s brother Jack, sits forlornly at a typewriter. “The collection was inspired by a 1960s secretary with a modern twist,” says lead stylist Linh Nguyen for Cutler/Redken Salons, who creates three unique coifs for the show: a half-up bow, a high ponytail and a loose bun. For all three looks, wet hair is fi rst prepped with Redken Full Frame 07 All-Over Volumizing Mousse for added texture and hold, then blow-dried with natural texture left intact. One of the favorite looks is a sweet half-up style: “I created bows in the hair with a slight fl ip that gave it this cool, undone vibe,” Nguyen says. 

Turning Heads 3He adds a soft wave with a 1.5-inch curling iron and then makes a small half ponytail, leaving some fringe loose at the front. He coats thin sections with Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray to create a ribbon effect, and pins the hair into shape. To craft the high ponytail, Nguyen pulls hair in line with the cheekbone, adding Fashion Work for increased hold. The pony is next curled into sections and finished with an extra layer of Fashion Work. Nguyen slips in an accessory to complete the “working woman” bun: “A pencil is added to the bun to match the playfulness of the clothes,” he laughs. Gathering hair into a low ponytail, keeping the hair soft and slightly loose against the head, he swivels it lightly into a soft twist. He gently daubs Braid Aid 03 Braid Defining Lotion on loose hair and finishes with a veil of Fashion Work. “Not every woman looks good with one hairstyle,” muses Nguyen, “so I enjoyed working with Rachel in conceiving these three distinct, yet cohesive looks.”


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