Devachan Salon Specializing in Curly Hair Goes Bicoastal

Devachan La Reception

For over twenty years Devachan Salons have been a sanctuary for curly girls. The DevaCurl brand was born at the original New York City salon and today the coveted signature services and product line are highly touted as staples for curly girls of all ages. But—the ability to experience the brand and the DevaCurl mission at a flagship salon was previously reserved for east coasters only. Not anymore.

DevaCurl is thrilled to announce the opening of its first West Coast Devachan, in Los Angeles, California. “Being bicoastal allows us to offer even more curly girls the chance to experience how our products and services can not only improve the health of their hair, but also provides a curl community,” says Colin Walsh, CEO of DevaCurl, “Our mission statement begins with ‘Ask a curly girl about her hair and she’ll tell you about her life.’ Devachan is the perfect place to engage in that conversation with a talented team of curl stylists who listen, support, and celebrate natural texture.”

The salon is located at 9355 Culver Boulevard on the historic Culver Boulevard Strip and is home to a Devachan Salon and DevaCurl Academy. DevaCurl’s team of expert stylists offer the signature Devachan services, including:

• Waterfall Cut: This service features DevaCurl’s unique dry-cutting technique. Stylists work with clients to create a look that feature’s their ideal shape and elevation, while still emphasizing the client’s natural texture.

• Pintura Highlighting: This unique highlighting technique helps add light reflection and dimension to all curls. Colorists apply product directly onto the client’s hair in a painting motion without the use of foils. The result is beautiful, natural looking color that adds contrast and emphasizes the curls natural shape.
• No-Poo Transformation Service: Devachan clients can experience the transformative powers of the DevaCurl products with this service. Stylists help clients understand how to best care for their curls at home and how to best maintain moisture through DevaCurl’s cleansing and conditioning styling routine. At the end, clients are left with shinier, healthier frizz-free curls.  

Each of the amazing services helps bring new life to curls, but the goal of Devachan is to do more than create beautiful hair. “Our stylists actually teach their clients how to style and care for their curls at home. The goal is to help people love their curls,” says VP of Education Shari Harbinger.

Devachan will operate from 10am to 7pm Tuesday through Friday, and from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays. The DevaCurl Academy will house all educational courses and workshops for salon professionals throughout the year—including the newly introduced DevaCurl certification program.

[Images courtesy of Devachan Salon]

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