American Crew All-Stars Challenge U.S. Finalists

The American Crew All-Star Challenge is a global competition to recognize the best men's stylists in the world. The challenge focuses on creativity, technique and one's interpretation of masculinity in the modern world. Click through to see this year's three U.S. finalists that rose above the rest.  [pagebreak]

Stylist: Bradford Davison
Model: Justin Hix
Photographer: Ben Humphrey
Salon: Blind Barber, Los Angeles, CA


Stylist: Hannah Schnobrich
Model: Mike Cunningham
Photographer: Dusty Rhode
Salon: Gent Cuts And Grooming, St. Paul, MN


Stylist: Patrick Chai
Model: Andrew Gray
Photographer: Patrick Chai
Salon: Michael John Salon, Los Angeles, CA

[Images courtesy of Jayne And Co.]

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