Step Sisters

Runway Report: January, 2009T3 Bespoke Labs front man Orlando Pita puts a “chop” to humdrum long hair on the Doo.Ri runway.

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Designer: Doo.Ri

Products: T3 Bespoke Labs

When you’re a model, more often than not you sport mile-long tresses. Mainly because your alpha genetics allow for such stunning strands, but also because hair tends to define a model.

Well, backstage hair fixture Orlando Pita is so over all the Rapunzels out there; he covets visual interest amidst a sea of hair-to-there femmes. “I am a bit sick of long hair, and bored with these girls who have it and don’t do anything with it,” he laments. So when designer Doo-Ri Chung gave Pita only one hair parameter—that the hair must be down—he didn’t panic. Rather, he sliced and diced the idea of typical lanky locks by cutting graphic steps while keeping some of the length intact.

Naturally, Pita saves his subjects’ limitless strands by adding matching extensions; he wouldn’t dare deprive them of their crowning glory. “I’m making cuts at different levels and angles, and sometimes even diagonally,” he explains. “The overall style is more sculpted to mimic the clothes.”

The rest of the look balances this stepped-up style: Pita coats the top section of the hair with T3 360˚ Boost and twists it into a simple knot. After he makes a few passes through the extensions with a T3 Duality Iron to ensure that his graphically pleasing style is smooth, the models hit the runway boasting sharp-angled ’dos that, above all, are way more interesting than Rapunzel’s ever was.

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