CHI Launches Empowering Campaign for Latina Women

Image courtesy of Janice McCafferty PR

Farouk Systems’ CEO Basim Shami recently announced the launch of “Cree∙Haz∙Impacta” (Believe∙Do∙Impact), an empowering campaign for Latina women under the CHI Hair Care Brand. The event took place at the Club de Amas de Casa (Housewives Club) in Houston, and was titled “Tributo a la Mujer” (Tribute to Women). It was hosted by Sucesos and Solo Mujeres magazines, providing resources and scholarships to help attendees achieve higher education and a better quality of life. A $2000 scholarship was awarded to Omir Jaramillo, a member of the Housewives Club in Houston, to help fund her pursuit to attend a Culinary School.

According to Basim Shami, “It is our goal to help women achieve their dreams of higher education that will allow them to provide themselves and their families a better way of life”.

In addition to launching this powerful new initiative, CHI has made a commitment to grant additional scholarships for Latina women. The Housewives Club, a local Houston organization, is composed of mostly women that came into the United States with little to no higher educational backgrounds. CHI Hair Care became the first company to provide the Housewives Club with a scholarship such as this one.

To learn more about the Cree Haz Impacta initiative for Latina women, be sure to follow CHI en Español on social media at

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