Inspiration Evening

Models Front

It’s hard to believe that the opulent Goldwell Academy building in NY used to be a parking garage! The ornate salon was built entirely from scratch, in one of the most inspirational cities in the world. Indeed, the MasterStylist Essentials Prelaunch Event held at the famed Academy inspired guests to the umpteenth degree. Stylists enrolled in the Master Stylist Program gathered on Sunday evening as Goldwell Global Artistic Ambassor for Haircutting, Jay Mahmood effervescently exercised his scissors. Mark Holloway and Joshua Calderon joined Jay, taking guests through a journey of color and styling. While on stage, Jay stressed the importance of understanding the reasons behind how to cut. This attention to detail is the backbone of the Master Stylist Essentials Shapes class, which employs a standardized language for hair professionals. Guests were treated to a preview of techniques that can be expected from the longer course, including a focus on fundamentals, layering from the front, gradation from the back and wrap and tension drying techniques. “The main thing is for people to fall in love with cutting hair again,” Jay confidently explained, “I’m sure you can take a version of what you’ve seen tonight and do it in the salon.” It wasn’t hard to spot the excitement of attendees as the night continued. The inspiration was contagious, with Jay leading the way, “If you want to be amongst the best in the world, nobody can stop you,” he shared.


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