Beauty Charity: Join the #GOTglammed Movement


Like many young girls and women, cosmetologist Miranda Marie of Fort Smith, AR grew up struggling with low self esteem. After suffering through extreme dieting, obsessive behaviors and even a suicide attempt, Miranda Marie knew that she wanted to help women learn to not hate themselves and instead feel beautiful from the inside out. Says Miranda Marie, "Helping other people feel beautiful helped me even when I couldn't help myself." With this in mind, she created the non-profit organization, the #GOTglammed Movement, a charity that targets high-risk teens/women who suffer from low self esteem and helps to reverse this and empower women using beauty, teaching skin/hair care, makeup techniques, and everyday "how to's." As a reward, the organization grants each participant with a Glam Bag full of various beauty products.

  According to Miranda Marie, "In one month our movement has had the privilege of helping teens/women at the Girls Shelter, Women's Crisis Center, local psych hospital, and our own location open to the public at Girly Girl Fitness. Our goal… is to provide enough adequate amount of product for each group and possibly spread the movement to other areas. My hope is to help young women grow to become those strong women who are okay with not being perfect and to help grown women find that beauty they once lost."

The organization recently put together 80 Glam Bags based solely on donations and out-of-pocket expenses, and currently operates entirely on donations. Miranda Marie hopes to spread the word, get more people involved, and equip every young girl and woman with the power to feel beautiful.

Join the movement! Follow #GOTglammed on Facebook, and find out more information at:

[Images courtesy of Miranda Marie]

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