Science and Innovative Technology Star at Repechage’s Annual International Conference

When it comes to the beauty industry innovation and education are both key to staying on top of the skin care game. Earlier this week in New York City, beauty professionals from all over the world (think: India to Mexico to Italy to Trinidad) got a leg up on their competitors by attending Repechage’s 17th Annual International Conference for Salon & Spa Professionals, where they were treated to brunch, champagne, expert medical and scientific speeches, and were the first to get a glimpse of Repechage’s newest products and facial which are the only of their kind in the U.S.

First up, seaweed expert Professor Charles Yarish, Ph. D, spoke in depth about the science behind seaweed, claiming it “a miracle plant.” Guests learned about the various types of seaweeds from red to brown to green; its nutritional benefits and regenerative skin care compounds (think: anti-aging and anti-wrinkling); and all about cultivating, farming and harvesting. “We’re so excited to have Professor Yarish join the Repechage Board as a consultant,” says Repechage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati. “The future is really bright when it comes to future discoveries in seaweed!”

Before Safarti unveiled Repechage’s new product lineup, Karl Richter, Bio-Gate AG Germany partner, educated guests on Micro Silver, Repechage’s newest secret ingredient. “It’s a revolutionary ingredient,” explains Safarti. “We are the first company in the United States to use it in skin care products.” Attendees learned all about how it is made, what other types of products in the medical community it’s found in, why it’s safe to use on skin, how bacteria is one of the main causes of skin problems (think: inflammation and Rosacea), and how through the protective layer that Micro Silver forms on skin’s surface it can help reduce skin irritations and blemishes by ridding skin of unwanted germs and bacteria.

Next to the podium was Dr. Samuel Shatkin, of the Aesthetic Associate Centre for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Medical Skin Care in Buffalo, NY. Shatkin spoke in detail about Rosacea, informing guests that, “it’s a difficult disease to manage. Skin is extremely fragile and we need to protect it.” He told guests about some of its causes and triggers, including smog, chemicals and the sun, and explained that it’s an inflammatory stage disease with few treatments. On the bright side, he gave guests a glimpse of a 30-day clinical study he conducted on patients afflicted with rosacea and displayed before-and-after photos that showed massive improvements to skin with treatment.

Safarti next unveiled the big reveal of the day: Repechage Red-Out Facial and take-home products’ Repechage Red-Out Calming Cleanser and Repechage Red-Out Serum, which all include anti-allergen seaweed, Micro Silver, and other vitamin and antioxidants that work to calm inflamed and irritated skin, most notably rosacea. “Inflammation is reduced after just one facial,” explains Safarti. “Ninty-six percent of people saw a visible difference in their skin. Those suffering from inflammations and skin issues and challenges will be able to finally find relief that they could not find before.” Safarti also rolled out Repechage Mineral Face Shield, a cream that contains zinc oxide, Nylon 12 and seaweed and is designed to fight against pollution and oxidative stress caused from the environment. “It’s a magical formula. It glides on luxuriously, absorbs into and penetrates skin, and gives a full-range of protection,” she shares.

Lastly, Dr. Patrick Fratellone, a renowned cardiologist, spoke about the importance of keeping it healthy. He advised guests to eat a balanced diet and to stay away from inflammatory foods. “You are what you eat,” he explains. “What we eat controls how we feel.” He also stressed the importance of exercise and meditation, the negative effects addiction and anger can have, and how important self-esteem and self-love are, insinuating that not keeping these in check can cause inflammation. “Inflammation is the gateway to all disease,” he warns. –Molly Church

[Images courtesy of Repechage]

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