The 8 Secrets To Client Retention

Industry educator and business consultant Nina Tulio unwraps the secrets to elevating your client retention.
Industry educator and business consultant Nina Tulio unwraps the secrets to elevating your client retention.
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Industry educator and business consultant Nina Tulio unwraps the secrets to elevating your client retention.

Let’s dive into one of the most crucial aspects of building a successful salon: client retention. You see, creating a salon experience that keeps your clients coming back isn't just about providing a great haircut or color—it's about building a solid connection, crafting an atmosphere they crave and ensuring every visit feels like a VIP experience. Let's unwrap the secrets to elevating your client retention.

1. Personalized Touch

When a client walks into your salon, it's not just another appointment—it's their moment to be pampered and cared for. Get to know your clients on a personal level. Remember their preferences, their special occasions and details about their lives. A little personal touch goes a long way in making them feel seen and valued.

2. Consistent Quality

Consistency is key in the beauty business. Your clients should leave your salon feeling like a million bucks every single time. Whether it's a haircut, blonding service or a treatment, maintaining a high standard of quality builds trust and confidence. It's this reliability and comfort that keeps clients coming back for more.

3. Exceptional Communication

Communication is the glue that holds your salon-client relationship together. Listen attentively to your clients' needs, provide clear explanations about the services and ensure they leave with a thorough understanding of maintaining their new look. Check in with them post-service via text or email to show you genuinely care about them and their salon experience. Next level would be writing a handwritten thank you note that is personalized, hand signed and sent in the mail. We did this in my salon, and our clients absolutely loved it.

4. An Inviting Atmosphere

Your salon isn't just a place for hair—it's an experience. Create an atmosphere that radiates warmth and hospitality. From the decor to the friendly smiles of your team, to the music, every element should contribute to a welcoming environment. Make your salon a sanctuary where clients feel pampered and excited to return.

5. Educate and Empower

Teach your clients about the latest trends, at home care and styling techniques. When they leave your salon feeling not only beautiful but also armed with knowledge, they're more likely to view their salon visits as an investment in their self-care routine. Take it a step further by showing them how to style their hair and record it. Then, you can email the video, and they can use it as a reference to recreate it at home.

6. Offer the Gift of Value

In this day and age, clients want to feel like what they pay is equal to or MORE in value.

For example, if a client pays $300 for a service, they better feel like their total experience feels like $300+. There are many ways to add value to the client experience, and it all starts before the client steps foot in the door. What does your booking experience look like? Do you have an intake form? How are they greeted? Do you offer an extended consultation for first time clients? Do you have a 10-15 minute shampoo experience? Do you follow up with every new client? These are just a few areas of focus to elevate the client experience.

7. Build Solid Relationships

People want to do business with people they know, love and trust. Anyone can go anywhere to get a great haircut or color service. Why do they choose you? Who do they look forward to seeing you in future appointments? It’s the little things that matter so much. It is paying attention to the details. Remembering the little things about them and their family. Making them feel like they are the only person that matters during their entire appointment. Our industry is so much deeper than hair. It's about how you make people feel and creating solid, long time relationships with people that trust and value your expertise.

8. Surprise and Treat

Every now and then, sprinkle a bit of magic. Surprise your clients with a complimentary treatment by offering a treatment day once a quarter or send out a card on their birthday. These unexpected treats create memorable moments that set your salon apart. Remember, retaining a client isn't just about making them look good—it's about making them feel good. When you focus on building a genuine connection and creating an exceptional experience, you'll find your salon filled with familiar faces who can't wait to return for more of the magic you provide.

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