Add Wellness, Subtract Stress Behind Your Chair


Wellness is a hot topic in the beauty industry. Hair and beauty pros are clamoring to find ways to add elements of wellness to their client offerings. How about if we start a little closer to home? How about if we get proactive about our own wellness as service providers? We spend so much time focusing on the needs of others. From time to time, we need to move our name to the top of the care list.

Here are my top 5 tips for supporting your own well-being behind your haircut chair.

Stick to your book – Start saying no a bit more often. Say no to coming in early. Say no to staying late. Say no to squeezing in another client. Setting boundaries and holding firm will allow your life to run smoother and fit within its proper box. You will feel better the first time you say no. You will feel even better the more you say it. 

Drink more water – Trade coffee or soda for water. Use a refillable bottle and track your consumption. Try to drink two, 20oz bottles in each half of the day. Add one before work and one after and you will be on your way to a gallon a day. Most people live their lives in a state of perpetual dehydration. Brains work much better when properly hydrated. So do bodies and hair pros.

Get out of the building – Lunch is the most important part of your behind the chair day. The nutrition is vital but the break is even more important. Find some fresh air. Lose your clients and coworkers. This lunch break is physical, mental and spiritual. Make the time to make it so. Do something to make it the retreat it needs to be. Find a quiet spot away from the stress and enjoy.

Pack your lunch – You will make better lunch choices when you make the choices at home before you hit the door. If your lunch options near the shop are not all that good for you, make the choices elsewhere. Brown bagging it saves calories and cash. Use the extra money you have saved in tip #4 for the idea in tip #5 below.

Block your vacation – A vacation that gets blocked gets taken. And vice versa. Block your vacation for the coming year in December. Pick the weeks and days that work best for you. Then stick to the plan. Do not allow circumstances that arise to change your vacation plan. Make your vacations a priority and others will treat them as such as well. Enjoy your time away. Come back refreshed and eager to serve.

Wellness starts with you. Your wellness comes first. You cannot take care of them if you do not take care of you.

Be well.


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