How to Choose the Correct Eyelash Extension for Your Lash Type

Screen Shot 2019 04 02 At 10 31 47 AmJust like hair has curl types, so too do eyelashes. Think about it: People have so many varying eye shapes and lid types, that it only makes sense that lashes would vary too. We spoke with Jessica Baird, a NovaLash enthusiast, lash studio owner and stylist, and creator of the blog @colorpinscurls, about the five different lash types and the factors that go into deciding which type of lash extension to apply to your client.

L CURL These lashes are literally shaped like an "L". They have a flat base then curl and point straight up. L Curls are best suited for guests with straight and downward-facing lashes as well as bottom lashes. Guests who wear glasses daily may also like these lashes because they are less likely to hit their glasses. Two other groups who would benefit from these? Those with hooded eyes and mono-lid shaped eyes, while guests with deep-set or protruding eyes should avoid these lashes. 

NATURAL CURL These lashes look natural with a slight curl to them. They are for those guests who want length and the ability to toss their mascara, but don't have any other big demands.

B CURL These lashes have a natural curl that appears straight at the base and then curl at the top. They give a look of wand-curled lashes. B Curl lashes are perfect for guests whose natural lashes are straight. They're not for those with downward-facing lashes or protruding eyes.

colorpinscurls.comC CURL & CURLY CURL These two lash types are very alike, but Curly Curl has a little more curl. This lash type is the most popular because these lashes visually lift the eye to give it a more open look without the extreme drama of D Curls. C Curl and Curly Curl lashes are not the best idea for close-set, protruding or deep-set eye shapes. They are, however, great for guests with mono-lid and hooded eyes. They are usually the "look" everyone desires to have.

D CURL These lashes are the big ones with the most dramatic curl. They are a half-circle shape, which makes them the curliest and dramatically open the eye. They're used on naturally curly lash clients for everyday wear, though shorter lengths are used on mature lashes. Clients with straight and downward-facing lashes unfortunately will not get much from the lashes as they won't last very long—their tight curl shape doesn't have a steady base on which to attach to the natural lash. Deep-set eyes and hooded eye shapes may find this look too dramatic, which is why D Curls are typically used for special occasions and not long-term wear.

Note: If your client wants a curl on her lashes that isn't ideal (i.e.: a D Curl lash on straight or downward-facing lashes) she will need infill appointments more often. Check back soon to learn how to determine what length and diameter lash extension to use. For more information, visit To learn more about NovaLash extensions, visit

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