Don Godfrey of Fiidnt Marketing Shares His Social Media Best Practices

Don Godfrey Fiidnt

Don Godfrey of Fiidnt Mareting is a whiz when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of social media. Here, he answers your queries about all things Instagram, Facebook and beyond.

1) Should I pay to boost my post? —@texturehair_studio

Yes, definitely pay to get a post out there, but only after you do the free work first. Pay to boost a post after you’ve already put in the time to create a great post (i.e. engaging with people who comment, putting in hashtags, etc.). It’s like betting in Vegas: You’re putting the money down because you know that you’re already holding the winning card.

2) I'm an educator. If I post work on doll heads, are people going to think less of my page? —@scissorsyndicate

No, because you’re doing something different and trying a style that people aren’t used to seeing. Plus, if you turn the mannequin, many people won’t realize it’s a doll head!

3) In your opinion, which social media platform is most useful for branding your business and bringing in clients: Facebook or Instagram? —@chitabeseau

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Both. Yelp, too. The key is to drive Instagram to drive traffic to your Yelp page, and use your Facebook page to drive people to your website. Think of Instagram as a cover letter: Use it to pull people in and direct them to what you want them to see.

4) Should I be getting rid of photos that don’t do well after a day? —@mckenna_mckenna

Wait about five to seven days before getting rid of a photo. Because if you put the effort into making the photo, the caption, and the hashtags, and you engage with people, the post might not pick up traffic right away; it might happen the following day.

5) Should I tag the location of my salon or another local business? —@desiree_styles

Switch it up. Tag your salon, your city, your county, or even somewhere close so people will be able to find you.

6) Should I post more than once a day on Instagram? —@idohair1026

Yes! Work on your Instagram Stories and put up around eight different posts in Stories a day.

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7) There have been times when I have posted and forgotten to add certain hashtags. Is it pointless to go back and edit the post to add the missing hashtags? —@stylesbyhaven

Don’t even bother after you’ve posted. I use hashtags about 50 percent of the time I post. When I do use them, I wait and see if the post does well before I start applying the hashtag on subsequent posts because if you overuse the same hashtags, then the post won’t do as well.

8) Will commenting on pictures that I like boost my page? —@stylesby_steph

Yes, because Instagram sees that you’re engaging and that you’re being social. This also shows Instagram that you’re a real person and not a computer bot because you’re physically typing comments. Also, double-tapping on images rather than just hitting the “heart” helps show Instagram that you’re a real person as well.

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