Breaking Down Hair Tattoo Artistry

Hair Tattoos

“Clients of all ages and genders are asking for hair tattoos,” says Miguel Rosas, Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) Member. “I notice that male clients typically run anywhere from three years old to 18, and for women it’s around age 10 to 30. Both genders are getting hair tattoos that either go with their personalities or represent whatever is trending. It might be a sports logo, a cancer ribbon or just something that’s meaningful to them.” Although Rosas notes that there’s a lot to be learned from YouTube videos showing hair tattooing technique, the best way for a stylist to perfect their tattooing skills is to reach out to their distributor and inquire about training. “Request a clipper cutting class from Wahl Professional,” advises the educator, who teaches a class for the company called “The Tattoo Artist.” To promote your hair tattooing services, Rosas suggests creating a digital flyer featuring pictures of your designs and posting it on social media, as well as producing a poster that you can display in the salon.

Rosas' Client Tips: “First, keep in mind that anyone suffering from a scalp disorder should shy away from hair tattoos because the trimmers could cause more irritation. A client with white hair might want to color his hair first, otherwise the design won’t be as visible. Practice the design by drawing it on paper first. Then, once hair has been cut down to an appropriate length, pre-draw the design on the hair with a white eyeliner pencil. Then just follow the lines and cut away. Remember to always try to make the design flow with the curvature of the client’s head.”

Miguel Rosas Wahl

[Images: Courtesy of Wahl Professional]

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