Renowned Barber Joost Mulleman Joins the Farouk Conference Educational Lineup

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Joost Mulleman 3Farouk Systems has proudly welcomed the latest barbering sensation from Europe, Joost Mulleman, as part of their educational team for this years’ global conference, September 18-22, 2015. Joost will join Global Board members Maurice den Exter and Joe Anthony Pena for the Men’s GroomingClass. This talented trio will share their artistic tips, trends and techniques to create your own signature looks in men’s grooming at the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico.

From The Netherlands, Joost Mulleman has already achieved Master Barber status at the early age of 26. His passion to cut hair began when he was only 14 by using his little brother, classmates, and soccer team as models. He also turned to watching barbers and stylists in his home town to learn their techniques and find inspiration. When he turned 16, he attended Cosmetology School to become a hairdresser. Afterwards, he completed an internship at Barber Shop in Gouda. Here, he learned to perfect the art of shaving and cutting men’s hair the old fashioned way. This allowed Mulleman to merge the old with the new to perfect his craft.

Joost Mulleman 2  Joost Mulleman 5At the age of 18, he participated in The Hair Fashion Awards Competition where he came in 3rd and was noted as an upcoming new talent. This led him to creating a documentary for Coiffure Magazine to prove to his industry that if you are a good stylist you can travel the world with only a comb and shears. This resulted in Mulleman traveling through Asia and Australia where he was able to share his knowledge.

Today, Mulleman has also been nominated for a Coiffure Award, teaching throughout Europe and sharing his knowledge of barbering. He loves to cut, shave and sharpen the razorblades with perfection. For him, there is nothing better to work as a barber and offer his knowledge all over the world.

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