Meet This Year's 30 Under 30 Winner Sami Schneider

Our 8th annual 30 Under 30 spotlight highlights the next generation of colorists — all under age 30 — who are poised to take their careers to the next level. Hailing from coast to coast and different countries, these color experts comprise an eclectic 2020 crew. We learned about their lives and hue loves, who motivates and what inspires them, how they got started and where they hope to go. Sami Schneider (@samihairmagic) is 26 years old and a stylist at House of Color in Colorado Springs. 

Sami Schneider"I always liked being different and was always coloring my hair and my friends' hair. I liked looking at fashion magazines and different beauty trends and I knew I always wanted to do something in the beauty industry. I actually went to beauty school with the hopes and dreams of becoming a makeup artist. It wasn’t until I did my first rainbow hair color that I realized hair color is what I should be doing. We get to make people feel beautiful and give them the confidence they need, and to me, nothing could make me happier."

On Goals: My goal is to become the best stylist for my clients. I think its important to grow as a stylist so you can always give your clients the best. 

Biggest Accomplishments: I have been published, traveled around the U.S. and even out of the country to show my love of hair. 

Role Models and Mentors: My role model is my mom. She always supported me, even when times were tough. She accepts me for who I am, and to me that is everything. My mentor would be Rebecca Taylor. I think she really ignited the fashion colors and I love seeing what she creates. On top of being an amazing colorist, she would do anything to help other stylists. She is not about competing and being the best, but she wants everyone to be their best and she will help you with anything. I am really blessed to be able to call her one of my friends because she helped me grow into the stylist I am today. 

Must-Have Product: I won’t color any hair without my Brazilian Bond Builder. The health of the hair is my No. 1 concern.

Favorite Color Trend: My favorite color trend will forever be rainbows. I always say, the more colors the merrier! The technique is what makes it interesting. I know for myself, on most rainbow projects, I don’t usually have strict sections that I follow, I eyeball it and I put the colors where I think they should go.  


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Inspiration: Cliche, I know, but nature. There are so many beautiful things out in the world, and its hard to not be mesmerized by it. I think it is also cool to take the sunset, for example, but then you turn it into your own vision.

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