What's Inspiring Industry Legend and Wilson Collective Founder Phillip Wilson

Phillip Mary Wilson

Phillip Mary Wilson

1. Family: My wife Mary and my two sons, Ty and Ross, are my driving force— they give unconditional love and support.

Mid Century House2. Architecture: My favorite type of architecture is mid-century modern (made prominent from the 1930s through the 1960s) because of its clean lines.

3. Photography: I’ve worked with some of the very best photographers, and watching them work and seeing the results they achieve is amazing; it's something I would love to personally explore more in the future.

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Sports Car4. Cars: There’s something about the lines and overall design of cars that I find very interesting. I also appreciate how the auto industry is always evolving.

5. Street Art: I absolutely love the rawness of graffiti. When I view street art, I actually feel the artist’s energy and am inspired by the awesome illustrations and colors.

Cosmetology Students6. Cosmetology Students: T​hey’re so open and hungry to learn, and have a love for this industry that’s deeply profound.

7. Experimentation: I love playing with new ideas on mannequins. You can’t make a mistake; you can only learn!

– As told to Alyson Osterman-Kerr


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