Rising Star: Hairstylist Michael Gray

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Michael Gray weaves plait inspo from across the pond.

When searching for braided inspo look no further than Michael Gray’s dreamy boho creations. The London-based stylist takes classic plait favorites, such as the Dutch braid, and gives the looks unexpected twists by inserting elements like peekaboo infinity strands or adding a pop of color with an accessory. Gray’s page will be your new one-stop grid when searching to add a little something extra to a client’s style for a wedding, prom and beyond.

Who: Michael Gray @michaelgrayhair
Number of Followers: 16.8k
Location: Freelance in London

Michael Gray BraidMichael Gray shares how to achieve this braided ’do.

  • Lightly spritz setting spray onto hair and run a detangling brush through to evenly distribute product.
  • Rough-dry the setting spray into the hair to create structure.

  • Take a clean section of hair from the front of the temples to the crown to create an oval shape. Then, secure the sides out of the way with sectioning clips.

  • Separate the top oval section in half, from the forehead to the crown, to ensure two even sections.

  • Create two Dutch braids from the forehead to the crown, and fan out the braids for a fuller look.
  • Unclip the sides and smoothly join them with the two Dutch braids.
  • Secure the braids and loose hair into a ponytail using a hair tie, just below the crown.
  • Band the ponytail in half to create a loop and secure at the base of the ponytail with another hair tie.
  • Tease the hair to lend a fuller effect.
  • Create loose waves with a curling iron, and then add a scarf. 

What’s this all about? Rain and wind in August, when it should be sunny ice cream weather

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One of today’s summer looks on @b1ba_fau1k5_p0tt1cary_  . MUA @rebecca_k_abraham

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If you can’t create summer hair content outside due to the weather ... improvise in the car 

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[Images: Courtesy of Michael Gray; Instagram]

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