Nine Zero One Owners Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri Share Their Inspirations

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Riawna Capri

1. Music: I begin each Monday by tuning into a new playlist that Spotify creates based on the music I’ve listened to the week before, and that’s how I discover new music—I f***ing love it!

2. Vision Board: I cut out a bunch of beautiful photos from magazines and place them in my hallway so that when I walk through [the hall] each day, [the photos] serve as a reminder of everything I find beautiful and inspirational. It’s so exciting when I later look at these same pieces, and I’ve actually achieved many of the things I’d envisioned.

Riawna Capri Morgan Beau3. My Fiance, Morgan: She inspires me to stay healthy by eating right, taking vitamins, connecting with nature, and exercising. My overall wellness is better because of her.

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4: Pinterest: I wish I had invented Pinterest! Right now, I’m really focused on wedding ideas. I also use the platform to look for hair inspiration when I create a new look for a celebrity client. I’ll create my own board of all my favorite styles, then I give clients the option to choose their top pick.

5. Relaxation: I didn’t realize that I really needed to recharge my batteries until later in life. It’s so important—I’ve learned I can take time to focus on myself, whether it be through meditation, travel or whatever other form I choose. I try to give myself one day a week to completely recharge. Disconnect to reconnect; unplug to recharge.

Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee Daughter1. My Daughter, Parker: She’s the strongest girl I know.

2. Movies and Music: They take me out of my head. I find it so easy to overthink everything; movies and music allow me to escape and lead me to a place of happiness.

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3. Flowers: I love how they’re all so different but so beautiful, colorful and delicate; I admire nature.

4. Scents: I adore the feeling of scent memory when you smell something and it takes you back to a special moment in your life.

5. Pilates: When I’m doing Pilates, that’s my “me time”— it’s what keeps me going!

–As told to Alyson Ostermann-Kerr


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[Images: Courtesy of Nikki Lee; Riawna Capri; Instagram]

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