The Kind Cut Changes Lives for the Local Homeless Community

The Kind Cut

Third-generation stylist Sascha Breuer, founder of The Kind Cut, has spent the last 25 years as a traveling stylist and educator—often living out of a suitcase, his work driving him from salon to main stage to red carpet. But when he finally settled in Los Angeles, he realized that the concept of home continued to elude plenty of others in his own backyard. “With more time to think, I became aware of how many people don’t have [a home]; in L.A., the homeless are everywhere,” Breuer says. “Rather than join the bandwagon of negativity, I thought, ‘What can I do with my skills to give back?’”

Scissors in tow, he took to the streets, cutting hair on the city’s Skid Row for months while reaching out to local shelters and nonprofit organizations to offer help at community outreach events. Meanwhile, he tapped social media to enlist fellow stylists, who soon joined the cause in droves, cutting hair on their days off. In 2017, when The Kind Cut participated in an event attended by 1,300 people in need, the fledgling effort became a full-blown movement—and Breuer is calling for fellow stylists to take up the charge in their own communities. “I want to inspire and unite the hairdressing and barbering community to give back,” Breuer explains. “Use your voice and your power to do something positive!”

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Kind Cut

An Emotional Return on Investment

Stylists know the transformation a cut can provide clients—and that rings even more true for those who are homeless, according to Breuer, who has witnessed the positive impact firsthand. With few belongings, no possibility of routine and wavering self-esteem, recipients find a simple haircut can change the game in minutes. “We treat everyone with respect and care, like any paying client,” Breuer notes. “After 30 minutes of physically and emotionally connecting with someone at eye level—no questions, no judgment—they stand up with tears in their eyes and want to hug you.”

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Kind Cut Los AngelesHit the Pavement

With more than half a million people experiencing homelessness across the U.S., your help—whether providing a haircut or handing out food and clothing—is needed. No matter where you are located, you can get involved with The Kind Cut by making a donation or volunteering your services. 


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