Meet the Individuals Behind the Industry's Leading Brands

Richard Mannah Joico

Richard Mannah, international guest artistic director for Joico.

My main goals with the company are: To represent the brand with excellence, be creative, and to use my platform to educate and inspire everyone around me.

The reasons I chose to join this brand are: I love everything about the brand and very much enjoy working with the Joico team.

I get inspired by: Art, architecture and sea life.

I’m happiest when: I’m on the beach.

My favorite way to unwind is: Taking a vacation somewhere warm and having some beach time.

My top vacation destination is: Mykonos.

My favorite film is: Cinema Paradiso.

My Starbucks order is: Iced latte.

I work in professional beauty because: I love making people look and feel more confident.

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Jeffrey Davidson Jd Beauty

Jeffrey Davidson, CEO of JD Beauty (owner of the newly acquired Ouidad brand).

My main goal with the company is: To make Ouidad the most successful, well-loved brand for the professional curly/natural market.

The reasons I chose to join this brand are: We thought adding Ouidad to our existing JD Beauty brands was a natural fit—our team of experts can add tremendous marketing and product development knowledge to this incredible brand.

I get inspired by: Being around fun, smart and dedicated people.

I’m happiest when: I’m part of a team that is growing businesses.

My favorite way to unwind is: Participating in and watching sports.

My top vacation destination is: Florence, Italy. I love the food.

My favorite film is: Good Will Hunting.

My Starbucks order is: Decaf cappuccino with soymilk.

I work in professional beauty because: I like the people and I always have fun.

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Colette Grigorians Alterna

Colette Grigorians, senior global brand manager, Alterna.

My main goal with the company is: To continue the long- standing tradition of creating the best products for our loyal community of stylists, distributors and consumers. Our formulas are what made Alterna a globally recognized luxury brand, and our formulas will continue to lead to our success.

The reasons I chose to join this brand are: I knew that now was the time to get involved—it’s very exciting to be part of a group that’s taking this brand to the next level.

I get inspired by: The people I work with every day.

I’m happiest when: I’m near the water! I love the beach.

My favorite way to unwind is: A couple of scented candles, a nice glass (or two) of wine and a good book or reality television show.

My top vacation destination is: Thailand.

My favorite film is: Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.

My Starbucks order is: Grande iced skinny vanilla latte.

I work in professional beauty because: For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved anything beauty-related; at one point, I even wanted to own a salon. I think hairdressers are amazing and I admire their talent. The professional beauty industry does not dictate who or what you should be; it’s creative, inspirational and aspirational. I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to find my home in this industry.

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Ryan Pearl Redken

Ryan Pearl, brand ambassador for Redken.

My main goals with the company are: To grow both Redken’s brand and my personal brand, as well as share my knowledge and skill set with other colorists around the world.

The reasons I chose to join this brand are: I’ve worked with Redken ever since I started doing hair 12 years ago, and have gone to countless Exchange classes. I love the whole line and the hair community that the brand represents.

I get inspired by: Seeing people walk down the street in New York City and analyzing what I could do to switch up their hair color.

I'm happiest when: I’m enjoying football season.

My favorite way to unwind is: Going to the gym or playing with my dog.

My top vacation destination is: Algarve in Portugal.

My favorite film is: A Bronx Tale.

My Starbucks order is: Flat white and a brownie.

I work in professional beauty because: I love helping people look and feel their best, and making connections w​ith my clients that develop into friendships.


[Images: top to bottom courtesy of Richard Mannah; Kevin Luchman; Alterna and Redken]

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