30 Under Thirty: Get to Know Colorist Jade Lauren

30 Under 30

Every year, we honor 30 young colorists under 30 to find out what makes them so talented and successful. Get to know 2017 honoree Jade Lauren in our interview with her:

Name: Jade Lauren
Age: 25 years old
Salon/company name; location: Kevin Charles Salon, Sylvania, Ohio
Title: GKhair Hair Artist
Instagram: @jadelauren_hairart
Primary color line used: GKhair Cream Color (
Beauty School/location: Penta Career Center, Perrysburg Ohio

Tell me a little bit about yourself:
I am a young and free-spirited soul. I'm never afraid to take a risk—always eager to learn more. I love this industry, because it is as free as a wild animal. Forever changing, this industry has allowed me to be an artist in the most unique way. I'm still such a baby; I'm still finding myself and my path, but I am so excited for what is to come.

What inspired you to become a colorist?
In the beginning I was afraid of color, formulation, basics and even creative techniques. Instead of letting the fear take over, I immersed myself in the subject. A year ago I started to play around with free-hand painting—had no clue what I was doing, but it was fun! I started watching YouTube videos, playing on friends' hair, and it spread inside of me like wild fire. I couldn't stop seeing and searching Instagram videos for new techniques. All these beautiful hair colors that we are now doing has lit a fire inside of me, a fire of passion to learn and create as much as I can. I got so bored doing the same old grey touch-up lines and same formula for half the clients with the same foiling pattern.

What is your favorite color trend/technique of the moment?
Learning these new trends and techniques and seeing I can be more creative as an artist without silly patterns and foils. I can create beautiful, unique looks for all my guests—looks that can look great for months and months at a time. This has inspired me to create, and because of that, I want to help inspire those around me to create. We don't have to be robots; we can be artists.

Who would you consider to be your mentors/role models, and why?
A few of the artist that I follow who helped me find my fire again is the all legend Candy Shaw aka the Balaylama, her free hand technique with the v shape and showing me how to see where light must hit and where dark must live. Developing the eyes is so important in painting, it is something I am still trying to master. Larisa owner of LarisaLoveSalon, I love her, she has taught me so much through social media and YouTube, and catching her at the Orlando premier. These are just two of the artist I look up to, there are so many talented amazing artists out there that I have learned from, and will learn from.

Any accomplishments so far in your career that you’re particularly proud of?
My biggest step and or accomplishment so far has been the decision to become a Gkhair Change Agent/educator and start a new path within my career. I'll always be working behind the chair, but taking on this new chapter is something I have dreamed of since I graduated beauty school.

What are your goals?
Striving to become a balayage/ hair-painting expert, creative-color specialist, corrective-color specialist and hair master at cutting. I do a lot of these colors and techniques in the salon now, but I am young and have so much to learn. That's what makes me excited—there's always something to learn.

Please share a hair color, prep or color care tip.
One of my best tricks I use right now, is when painting or doing creative/corrective color, I always spray GKhair Leave in-Conditioner Spray before applying to help even out the porosity of the hair. That way I know everything will process evenly through the hair.

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