Microblading Tips with Emily Joy and Lizzeth Gutierrez of Dollistic

Emily Joy’s resume reads like a brow professional’s dream: She gained top-notch training from eyebrow legend Anastasia Soare and international microblading brow master Branko Babic; she was once Michigan’s one-and-only Anastasia Brow Artist; she managed sought after luxury spas; and she became the first-ever Washington, DC-licensed and certified microblading artist. So it became a no-brainer for Joy to add another accomplishment to that long list by following her heart and opening District Dollhouse, a studio focused on microblading. “I’d been obsessed with shaping brows way before they were mainstream,” she says, noting she knew microblading was her calling when she zoomed in on a before-andafter photo and realized a tattoo had rebuilt the brow and not a hair transplant. “My mind was blown!”

Dollistic Lobby

Last year Joy partnered with Lizzeth Gutierrez, who trained with renowned cosmetic tattoo master Anna Savina, and updated the studio’s moniker to Dollistic. “The ‘istic’ is representative of the unparalleled hyperreal-‘istic’ aesthe-‘tic’ we offer our clients,” explains Joy. “Whether they’ve lost their brows due to a medical condition or want a new look after a breakup … I feel so blessed I can give them instant gratification and confidence.”

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Looking back at their own education credentials, the duo believes, “To be the best, you must learn from the best”—an idea they are eager to pass along. Thus, they’ve set a goal to spread their knowledge and open their own cosmetic tattoo academy in 2017. Until then, Joy offers this piece of microblading advice: “After training, practice, practice, practice—on paper, banana peels and latex. Then, don’t even think about taking clients until you’ve done at least 20 unpaid models—you’ll be amazed at how much you’re still learning one-to-two years into microblading!”

Emily Joy Lizzeth Gutierrez

Salon visit to Dollistic

The Vibe: Stark white walls contrast a black baroque decor and funky art pieces, creating a chic, minimalist, goth atelier. “We want the entire visit to be an artistic experience,” says Joy. “From the chill, eclectic custom music playlist to [comfy] luxe blankets, we’ve created a magical ambience for anyone who steps into our creative realm.”

What We Love: Artists see only two new clients per day, spending up to three hours with them to design flawless brows. “We believe in quality over quantity,” says Joy. “You absolutely cannot rush perfection!”

Work Bonus: Artists work just four days per week so they don’t tire and can provide quality service and artistry.

Signature Service: Mircoblading. Artists measure bone structure, assess symmetry, study facial features, sketch brow outlines for clients’ approval, and suggest and preview pigment colors based on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type and clients’ natural brow hues. Prices range between $750 to $950 for the initial appointment, which includes a touchup service.


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