No one can deny social media is a boon for barbers, and Andis Company is tapping savvy fade-masters whose deft designs and online prowess reach far and wide with its inaugural, 20-member group of #AndisNation social media ambassadors. Whether they’re Instagramming grooming trends, Snapchatting techniques or demoing haircutting tools in real time via Facebook Live, these men’s grooming experts are helping spread the Andis word. Here, we asked the Andis team to weigh in on three ambassadors who’s work secured them a place in #AndisNation. (For the full list of ambassadors, visit

Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 12 42 22 PmAndrew Munoz, @drewdabarber, The Barber Lounge,
Tampa, Florida

“At his core, Drew is all about hard work and determination and has a positive attitude. As an #AndisNation Social Media Ambassador, Drew is driven to use the platform to reach others in a positive way.”


Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 12 42 37 PmAndy Mendoza, @andyauthentic, Fresh Factory Barbershop,
Bristol, Connecticut

“Andy has been rocking Andis Clipper and tools at his station before he knew his talent behind the chair would turn into his lifelong passion. Andy uses his platform to execute cutting-edge styles with passion and creativity.”


Screen Shot 2017 01 12 At 12 42 49 PmChad Gabriel, @chadius_maximus, Cut To Contrast Barbershop,
San Francisco

“For more than a decade, Chad has been picking up Andis Clippers every day he heads to the shop. Chad is an Andis evangelist, and knows the importance of investing in the right tools and the impact Andis can have on the cuts and styles he’s delivering to his clients.” 



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