Interview: Celebrity Colorist Johnny Ramirez Talks Lived in Color, Hot Trends and Social Media Tips

Johnny Ramirez

Inspired by California beach style, Johnny Ramirez is known for his low maintenance lived in color. His stunning work has attracted celebrity clients including Jessica Alba and a dedicated Instagram following. Johnny chats with Beauty Launchpad about his signature technique, favorite trends and social media tips for fellow stylists.

Beauty Launchpad: Why do clients love your signature lived-in color and how does it differ from Balayage and ombre?

Johnny Ramirez: My clients love lived in color because it looks great on everyone, it’s a low maintenance hair color and you can go longer in between salon visits. The difference from ombre is that an ombre does not lighten around the face like this technique does and Balayage works a different technique and I use a 20 volume.

BLP: Can you tell us about your consultation process?

JR: My consultation process actually starts before the appointment is booked. There is section on our salon website that requires you to fill out before booking with me. This questionnaire walks my clients through some valuable questions and also requires them to insert photos of their current hair color and their desired color. This helps me achieve what is realistic and get as close to their goal as well.

BLP: Do you have a favorite look you created for a celebrity?

JR: I have many clients with different looks and I work on them highlighting that special something, but one of my favorite looks that we created was last fall. We (Anh and I) had the pleasure to work with Jessica Alba who had found us on social media and came into the salon for our Lived in color and hair. We spent the day together at the salon, and she even did the before and after photos that we do on our photo wall. It was great to see someone that we find an inspiration and just have her walk in and sit in our chairs.

BLP: You have a huge following on Instagram. Do you have any social media advice for fellow stylists?

JR: Social media has changed everything and I really do enjoy the work that we put into it. It’s all about consistency and finding your voice and brand image. It’s a platform for us to showcase our work and have daily conversations with our clients.

BLP: What are your favorite and least favorite beauty trends right now? Which hairstyles and color trends do you predict will be hot in the upcoming months?

JR: My favorite trends currently are the California beachy look. I grew up in Southern California and it’s a look that I feel very comfortable with. I also like that people are experimenting with lots of color. It’s not something that I do, but I appreciate it when I see other colorists at the salon have clients leaving with pink pastel tones and blues. I predict that the California beauty look will carry through the fall and winter and that we will be seeing a lot more experimental color. We are already starting to see the rainbow looks.

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[Images courtesy of Johnny Ramirez]

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