Master Hairstylist of the Year Vivienne Mackinder Shares Advice for Aspiring NAHA Winners

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Vivienne Mackinder was named Master Hairstylist of the Year for her Asian fusion collection inspired by samurai warriors. She shares these words of advice for aspiring NAHA winners, "You just have to be true to yourself. I think you have to be true to your style and your brand and to your passion because you have one voice." Mackinder also stresses, "Surround yourself with great people."

For those stylists who want to enter NAHA, but don't know where to start, Vivienne recommends posting a sign in your salon to let people know that you want to do a photo shoot for the North American Hairstyling Awards. "You'd be amazed. People lead to people. Someone out there will connect you to a photographer, to a makeup artist, to a fashion stylist, to a makeup artist," explains Mackinder. She encourages aspiring NAHA winners to "Give it your best shot!"

[NAHA image courtesy of PBA]

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