Greg Ruggeri on Fall/Winter Hair Trends and Hair Care Tips

Greg Ruggeri

Greg Ruggeri, celebrity stylist and owner of Salon Ruggeri in New York City, shares his thoughts on fall/winter hair trends and hair care tips:

Color Trends
“For Fall/Winter there are a lot of extreme variations both in colors and tailoring, I think even more so than previous years.  In colors I’m seeing strong bold textured print-on-prints to bright colors like crimson, purple and sky blue, and in tailoring I’m seeing beautiful tailored androgynous suits to soft, feminine flowing dresses.  With this in mind I think that…BLONDES will be softening their tone with Buttery, Vanilla crème and Caramel tones. Variation is the key in achieving this multi toned look. Nothing too uniformed. BRUNETTES of course will experience the usual warmer winter tones however with a difference. By introducing colors from opposing color families and using these tones either as balayage, ombre or color blocking, the effects will be eye-popping. REDHEADS are clearly in a league of their own. Whether it’s soft subtle Auburn, burnt Titan or volcanic Red, these tones are always a great way to see the Fall/Winter season.”

Hair Care
“After the sun has set and the bikinis are put away for another year, it’s time to de-summer your hair. Start with a deep clarifying treatment and then an even deeper conditioning treatment. These are used to basically rid your hair of build up that might have occurred from styling products, swimming water and general summer lifestyle. You should try and have an idea about where you would like to go with both hair color and style so that when you go to your stylist they can help prepare your hair plus give you some ideas as well. When winter finally hits, there are three things to remember: static, dehydration caused by air conditioning used during the summer months and the extremities in the temperature.”

·         Utilize leave in moisturizers
    •    Try shampoos that do not contain harsh chemicals
    •    Serums are great, but be careful not to use too much
    •    Lightly sprits a bit of hairspray to tame any unwanted frizz

·         I know it’s the thing that is most likely to be far away from your mind, but if you run rinse your hair with cold water it will help lock in your hair’s moisture
    •    Use leave in moisturizers or conditioners
    •    Make time for weekly moisture treatments
    •    Try to limit the amount of times you use mechanical styling tools like curling and straightening irons

·         Make sure you do not leave the house with damp or wet hair, not only will you run the risk of getting a rather nasty head cold but also increase your chances of getting some unwanted hair breakage
·         Wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair from the wind

–Greg Ruggeri


Image courtesy of The Moxie Agency.

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