Wella & Brooke Burke Kick-off the Professional Color Discovery Tour in NYC


Wella is looking to illuminate consumers on the subject of haircolor, and it did just that at the kick-off of the Wella Professional Color Discovery Tour, held at Manhattan’s South Street Seaport yesterday, May 21. Television personality Brooke Burke, the celebrity spokesperson for the tour, was on hand to speak about haircolor as a means to feeling great. “My haircolor sets the tone for my entire look and really enhances my overall appearance, so maintaining my rich, healthy-looking brunette is one of my top beauty priorities,” she says.

At the event, the sun shone down at the makeshift consultation tents, where consumers first filled out a form that asks such questions as, “Why do you color your hair?” “Do you color your hair at home or at a salon?” and “When it comes to hair color, you are…” (The choices: “Curious,” “Adventurous,” “Bored” and “Shy”! I’m “adventurous”…)


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Then, with cards in hand, consumers sat down with colorists from such esteemed salons as Arrojo Studio, Pipino Salon, Patrick Melville Salon, Mark Garrison Salon and Pepper Pastor Salon to assess what they seek for their haircolor. Colorists wrote down their recommendations on the card, explained their recommendations, answered any questions the consumers threw at them, and sent women off with discounts on services that would help make these recommendations a reality. Many a woman walked away clutching a newfound confidence about knowing what to ask for when she’s sitting in the colorist’s chair. “For many women, their relationship with their colorist may be one of the most important, yet 42% of women have never had a color consultation with their stylist,” says Mary Moulton, brand leader for Wella Professionals. “We’re excited to hit the road to help women find the best color for them.”

And on the road they go: After NYC, the Discovery Tour hits Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. —Karie L. Frost