Olivia Garden OG Essentials Keeps Stylists Safe

Oge Apron Box

Oge Gown BoxOlivia Garden has expanded its COVID-19 response collection: OG Essentials. The collection was created to help stylists keep themselves and clients safe during appointments amid the pandemic. The essentials have expanded to include aprons, robes and more. 

Below is a comprehensive list of the collection's items:

  • Disposable Face Masks
  • Reusable Face Masks
  • Fabric Face Masks
  • Face Shield
  • Disposable Cape
  • All Purpose Cape
  • All Purpose Apron (Releasing Nov 1)
  • All Purpose Gown (Releasing Nov 1)
  • All Purpose Jacket (Releasing Nov 1)
  • Disposable Chair Covers
  • Clean Bags (Multiple sizes for different products)
  • Disposable Gloves (Vinyl and Nitrile)

The full expanded line will be available for purchase online starting November 1, 2020.


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