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If you take your craft seriously, you’ll want to enter our giveaway to get your hands on the 2023 award-winning KARG K-Soft Cut 6.1” - a true hybrid of a precisionKarg Thumbnail Image New shear and a slide-cut scissor from DRY.CUT. pioneer Mike Karg. The revolutionary design, combined with the Zero Gravity Tension System, delivers an amazing, weightless cutting experience and softer, more natural results on wet or dry hair that you have to see to believe.

Because of the unique hybrid blade design, your slicing techniques will seem effortless (the K-Soft Cut is not recommended for scissor-over-comb work). Hairdressers around the world have come to expect nothing less than this kind of innovation from KARG, a brand dedicated to its craft for the past 40 years.

Professionals interested in learning more about the KARG K-Soft Cut 6.1” can visit mikekarg.com or follow @mikekargofficial on Instagram.

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