Lash & Brow Artists Name Their Favorite Tools

When you’re at the top of your game, the tools you keep in your repertoire undeniably factor into your success. We tapped brow and lash pros from all across the country to quiz them on their can’t-live-without tools and why they adore them. Here’s what they had to say. 

Lash Techs

ARTIST: Josie Philippe, owner, DC Lash Bar, Washington, DC

FAVORITE TOOL: DC Lash Bar Strong Curved Tweezer “For classic extensions I absolutely love our Strong Curved Tweezer because it has perfect tension—not too soft and not too rm—and precise pickup, which helps to avoid losing a lash,” says Philippe.

ARTIST: Mary Ann Shnaider, owner, iLash Lab, Los Angeles

FAVORITE TOOL: iLevel Lab Volume Tweezers “They have a perfect closure! There are no gaps on the tips while closed, which helps to pick up fans easily without the fear of them falling apart,” she says. “They’re also extremely sharp ... which gives you more control when applying lashes, and they have the perfect tension and weight, making long Volume sets a breeze.” 

ARTIST: Tamara Lake-Mair, president, Ohh Lashes, Coral Gables, FL

FAVORITE TOOL: Micro Applicator Brush “I use it to remove old eyelash extensions as well as to clean the natural lashes and prime them before applying new eyelash extensions,” says Lake-Mair. “Prep work allows you to work faster and makes the adhesive bond stronger, providing longer-lasting lashes.” 

Lash Pros

ARTIST: Brook Schlosser, owner, The Brow Studio, Minneapolis

FAVORITE TOOL: Damone Roberts The Tweezer “This is my go-to tool because it has the proper size and shape—the slanted edge can grab the tiniest and most stubborn hairs, making it perfectly precise and easy to use!” says Schlosser. 

ARTIST: Hibba Kapil, founder, Hibba NYC, New York

FAVORITE TOOL: PhiBrows Tool “With microblading sometimes you have to create a round, soft front or a square front depending on the client’s face and preference,” says Kapil, who notes that this tool takes all sorts of needles, allowing her to do both. “Its versatility makes me work faster.” 

ARTIST: Rachel Lockhart, owner, Rachel’s Makeup and Brow Studio, Boston

FAVORITE TOOL: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer “It has worked for me for the last 19 years!” says Lockhart. “It’s able to grab and hold anything, from the thickest hairs to the nest peach fuzz.” 

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