Results: Do you offer hair gloss treatments at your salon?

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Hair gloss treatments have quickly become a growing trend, alongside glowing skin or glass- or glazed-like skin. 

As a result, more consumers have been creating content and searching for content related to hair gloss treatments, according to Kline PRO. 

For those who don't know, hair gloss treatments are a demi-permanent solution to add tone and/or shine to the hair. The service can seal the cuticle and add an overall healthier look to the hair. 

Because hair gloss treatments are a rapidly growing trend, Beauty Launchpad asked our followers in a recent poll if they offer hair gloss treatments at their salon. 

You can see the results of the poll below, and stay tuned for more polls every Tuesday. Make sure you cast your vote on our website and Instagram stories (@beautylaunchpad). 

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