Andis Launches Website for Barbers and Hairstylists

Courtesy of Andis Company

Andis has launched a brand-new education site to help empower barbers and hairstylists. (January 2022) 

The site features educational resources, including a suite of free, step-by-step tutorial videos led by Andis Company’s world-class global educators. The videos, live and prerecorded, will help professional barbers and stylists strengthen their knowledge and expertise. The site also includes books and guides that are available for download.

“In the beauty and barber industry, time is money; inspiration can be to hard to come by and community is crucial. Andis Company recognizes that creators need a place to gather and to fill their own cup with skills, tips and tricks that they can bring back to their clients every day in the shop or salon. Our new education site is the place to be to access the resources you need to create your way,” says Angie Perino, the company’s global education manager for its beauty and barber division. “The site is  mobile-friendly and with easy, intuitive navigation, you can access incredible educational content. Creators will find resources for all hair types, genders and a vast array of Andis tools.” 

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