Scholarship Opportunities for Cosmetology Students and Beauty Industry Professionals From the Professional Beauty Association

The over $120,000 in scholarships will provide financial assistance for continuing education, helping individuals pursue their passion and further their careers in the ever-evolving beauty industry.
The over $120,000 in scholarships will provide financial assistance for continuing education, helping individuals pursue their passion and further their careers in the ever-evolving beauty industry.
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The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) will award more than $120,000 in scholarships to support cosmetology students and licensed beauty industry professionals in 2024.

These scholarships, generously sponsored by PBA member companies and the Joseph L. Weir Trust, aim to support both cosmetology students and licensed beauty industry professionals, allowing them to pursue their career goals without the burden of financial constraints.

Education serves as the cornerstone of success in the beauty industry, and PBA recognizes the importance of providing accessible and affordable education to all beauty professionals. By offering and administering these scholarships, PBA takes a significant step towards ensuring that aspiring and established beauty professionals have the opportunity to advance their careers and achieve their dreams.

"We are so proud to support and nurture the immense creativity and talent in the beauty industry and are grateful for the support of our generous members who provide the scholarships," shares Nina Daily, Executive Director of the Professional Beauty Association. "We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passion and excel in the beauty industry, regardless of financial barriers. Our scholarships are one of the many initiatives PBA spearheads to elevate the standards of the industry and ensure a bright future for all professionals in the field.”

The scholarships cover a wide range of educational expenses, including tuition fees, textbooks and professional development courses. By alleviating the financial burden associated with education, PBA aims to enable beauty professionals to focus on honing their skills and expanding their knowledge, ultimately elevating the industry as a whole.

Past scholarship recipients share the impact the scholarships have had on their careers:

“I am so honored and grateful that I was chosen to receive this scholarship,” shares Christina Jackson, solo owner of a skincare studio in Berea, OH. “This scholarship will allow me to become an Oncology trained esthetician in my area. I will be able to provide skin care services to cancer patients/survivors safely and effectively. Thank you so very much to Milady and the PBA.” A licensed esthetician since 2020, Christina is a former Social Worker with a passion for helping others.

“I am beyond grateful for the K18 Hair Freedom for All Scholarship,” shares Aasha Waits, a cosmetology student from Montgomery, Alabama. “It will allow me to complete my Cosmetology Program and pursue a new fulfilling career path. I would like to be able to make a difference in many lives by offering my services to positively impact the community, with something as simple as a hairstyle or haircut.”

“Receiving the My Salon Suite scholarship means my studio is efficiently able to add new services such as chemical peels and lash lifting to the service lineup,” shares licensed esthetician Sabrina Rivera of Houston, Texas. “This scholarship award reinforces my confidence as a business owner and empowers me to continue to work hard and show up!”

The Professional Beauty Association remains committed to its mission of advocating for the rights and professionalism of the beauty industry. Through initiatives like these scholarships, PBA continues to make a significant impact on the lives and careers of beauty professionals, fostering a thriving and inclusive industry.

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