Virox's Rejuvenate Ready-To-Use 1 Gallon Format

Rejuvenate Rtu 1galbb

Virox's Rejuvenate Ready-To-Use 1 Gallon Format solution can be used with multiple disinfectant application devices and equipment to ensure efficient and effective disinfection. The larger size also offers an economical choice for users to easily refill existing spray bottles and reduce their plastic consumption, pairing green practices with an eco-friendly disinfectant. Rejuvenate Ready-to-Use is effective against the pathogens that matter most to professional beauty settings, including Human coronavirus, fungi and MRSA. The disinfectant meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards with efficacy against HIV and Hepatitis B & C viruses. It also disinfects in as little as 1 minute, offering beauty professionals quick treatment room turnovers.

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