Bridal Tips for Fabulous Wedding Day Hair

2014 - it is the beginning of a new year and as the holidays come to a close, there are many newly engaged brides-to-be that will start the process of wedding planning. I have been thinking about my amazing industry and what makes for a fabulous bridal hairstyle. Most of my brides have an idea of what they want on the big day. They often think their hair "won't do this style or that look", but remember, as hair stylists, we create magic! If there is a limitation, I will be honest and tell you, but usually we can find a way to make things happen by adding some backcombing for volume or adding a few clip in extensions for length. I tend to ask a lot of questions in a trial and usually hold the hair in place with my hands to show what a side bang will look like as opposed to a pompadour front. This helps to create the visual for the bride. Then I will go in and create a style rather loosely so that I can quickly change it into another look to give her another choice for comparison. I communicate to her what I am doing. Great communication is key. I tell each bride to let me know if she does not like something during the trial run. My feelings do not get hurt as this is all about the bride on her wedding day, and I want her to be so confident in how she looks that it radiates from her on the big day. A thorough trial leads to a great wedding hairstyle.

Trends change and hairstyle shapes shift, but there are a few things that every bride should consider:
1. Do your online research, but do not get overwhelmed as there are a lot of artists to choose from.
2. Remember that marketing is paid for and some smaller businesses do not have a large marketing budget, so the best artists may not have a large online presence. Call and speak to the artist in person! Get a feel for who this person is and if you will have a good rapport and communication with her/him. You may ask for references, but personally, I think a trial run speaks for itself.
3. Ask if all of the artists imagery online is actually work that they have done as images can be pulled off the internet. I only use images of hair that I have personally styled.
4. Bring images of hair that you like to a trial. The images can all be of different hairstyles. Keep in mind that as a professional, your hair stylist has technical skills you cannot imagine and may combine a few things that you love from different pictures to create a look specific to your hair and your preferences. A picture says a thousand words.
5. For your trial run, go in with your hair thoroughly dry and styled as you would for any given day, however, do not flatiron it as it will not hold a style. It is best for it not to be freshly washed just before a trial.For example, if your trial is in the evening after work, wash and dry it that morning and use a little hairspray (This is a general rule for a broad spectrum of people; go on your stylists recommendation for your specific hair type).
6. Finally, to ensure a fun and calm wedding morning, make sure you hire a hair stylist that you are confident in and like so that you have fun. The glam squad is usually a really fun part of the getting ready time so choose someone with whom you feel comfortable personally and technically.
I hope this information is helpful and happy wedding planning!

-Robyn Tornabeni, Chicago Bridal Hair Stylist

Hair: Robyn Tornabeni
Makeup: Aga Kaskiewicz, Juli Valdez, and Rosie Scianna Mollo
Photography: David Turner, Emilia Jane, and Marcin Cymmer

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