Get the look: MTV Video Music Award Hair Trends


Gaga dons wigs galore and Miley Cyrus rocks raver buns. 


These are the top two stand-out trends for this year's star studded event. The MTV Video Music Awards have a reputation for being a place to show off hip, fun and even over the top fashions. 


Lady Gaga MTV performance

Gaga surprised everyone by appearing on the red carpet with a somewhat traditional black dress and natural looking long, dark hair. When it came time for her stage performance of "Applause," she wore a variety of wigs which were changed out right on stage. 


Personally, I LOVE WIGS and have so much FUN using them in photo shoots. Even seasoned professional models are astonished at the metamorphosis that is possible with the slip of a wig.


Check out the variety of looks I created for model Anastasia: 


hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee

artist assist: Janie Tongue
photo: Jason Setiawan
fashion: Anna Francesca Couture


The key to having wigs look natural is a great fit. 

1. Wrap damp hair around the head until it is completely flat. 

2. Cover hair with a wig cap.

3. Place wig on paying careful attention wig is in the correct position. There is nothing worse in wig wearing than in ill fitting rug! (It will look horrible if your wig is down too low or back to far on the forehead.)

4. If needed, trim the perimeter of the shape to fit exactly, once it is in place. 


My second favorite look was Miley Cyrus's two tiny cinnamon buns, AKA "raver buns." With freshly shaved short sides, the longer top of her crop was twisted into twin mini buns. Although I didn't love her performance, I can say that I have personally met her and she is a  really cool girl with a great sense of humor. I think this look is sooo cute and one that we will be seeing a LOT of.  After all, if one bun is good (and BUNS are EVERYWHERE), then two are even better. 

Miley and other twin top knots.

To get this look, 

1. Begin with damp hair. Mist on a leave-in conditioner to detangle and for ease of combing.

2. Part hair directly down the center from front to back and create 2 even sections.

3. Smooth hair up and secure into pony tails on each side with a covered elastic band.

4. Twist hair tightly until it collapses and begins to form a knot. Keep twisting until you get to the ends and secure with a few bobby pins.



Now, for the "go big or go home" version, check out the twin bun effect I once did on the Viva Girls for New York Fashion Week and again as part of a nouveau bridal collection.



left photo: Viva Girl with Sherri Jessee right photo: hair & makeup: Sherri Jessee photo: Brad Lovell 


2013 NAHA Editorial Hairstylist of the Year, Sherri Jessee has her hair and makeup work  in hundreds of esteemed publications. To learn more visit:

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