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Faateema Ampey, Launchpad Guest Blogger

Hello my Pretties!
As a former contestant on Shear Genius 3 and an award wining stylist for fashion innovation, I will be sharing the inside scoop on the show and insight into the world of beauty.

This Week's Shear Genius
Shortcut challenge: Contestants had to cut hairstyles according to the shape they received. Matthew's star shaped surprise didn't shine so bright according to the guest judge. Aprils heart shaped bob would've been more skillfully cut by the tin man himself! Janine soars above the competition by creating a seamless crescent shaped haircut.

Elimination Challenge: The clients are actresses. Stylists were given an hour to prepare them for a head shot. After each client was finished shooting, Camila informs the cast there is a twist. In 30 minutes, stylists must take their clients into a completely different look! Janine takes her client from "girl next door" to a “sexy secretary”.

Matthew redeems himself with brilliant shiny hair fit for a head shot or the red carpet. Brian takes his client from "geek" to eeeek! April transforms her client from age 21 to 41. April goes home this week because of the lack of versatility in her styling. According to Kim Vo, "April made her client look like a 21 year old cougar".

This challenge was a great insight to all of the aspiring actors or reality star wannabees. A head shot is a must! Head shots are about the beauty of the image and your brand. Why would the client book you? You have one shot to make a lasting impression! Fresh face makeup and hair that does not distract is key. The client needs to see YOU! Your head shot should show who you are and set you apart from the rest of the pack in one single look.

Fun show facts: Jonathan feels that April's “California girl” look more like "Jersey". Ouch! Those are fighting words for April. And I would know! When the cast first met, I tried to give her "Jersey" as a nickname. Touchy, touchy! She and I exchanged a few words and we didn't speak much to each other after that. Apparently Jonathan and I can agree on at least one thing. Can you guess who was named "Einstein"? Brian's sheer lack of common sense forced us to name him after the scientific genius. He's was known for long winded conversations that amounted to lost time none of us will ever get back!

Faatemah's fashion shout out goes to....Kim Vo. J'adore the blue pant and tie ensemble. Strictly for the grown and sexy! Faatemah fashion fluster goes to...Brig. I wish I had an arrow for that bow! I'm off like a prom dress. I'll be back next week with dish.


Faatemah Ampey


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