Tradition vs. Trend: My Recent Trip to India


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Recently had the honor to make another journey to India. While there, my colleague, Maggie O'Rourke were very busy. We took part in a media event launching RUSK products at Headmasters Salon and Spa in Chandigarh, an exclusive photo shoot in New Dehli, and held trainings for the Indian Design Team. As an added bonus, we also had the privilege of attending an Indian wedding and were guests in a opulent home for a wonderful dinner. 


Here I am on set at an exclusive photo shoot with Pammy Kaul,  the awesome Education Director forHeadstart, Internaional. A flash of RUSK Scream color in Magenta is adorns a traditional Indian Bride.



 Pictured with me is a snapshot of Ingrid, Rahul, Maggie, and Afreen taken during one of our training days.

I had many interviews with various media including TV, news papers, and magazines.

India is a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and smells.  My third trip to this amazing country, I am forever impressed with the contradiction of OLD and NEW. Filled with lovely people that are so kind and hospitable, centuries of tradition boldly contrast new trends. Take a peek at some of my photos from the adventure to see a glimpse of the juxtaposition of ancient and modern.

Old: Barbers can frequently be found taking up shop along the roadside. 
New: Occupying over 15,000 square feet and employing excess of 150, Headmasters is the largest salon in South Asia. This beautiful four story full service salon and spa is setting the trend for the rest of the country offering RUSK products to their exclusive clientele.
OLD and NEW: henna tattoos adorn the hands of the sister of a bride as she grasps tightly to her mobile phone. Mobile phones are affordable method of telecommunication available widely to both the elite and the masses.
OLD and NEW: Trucks filled with goods zoom by cows on the National Highway. Cattle is considered sacred in many religions.
OLD: traditional Indian Fast Food sold at a road side market.


NEW: McDonald's anyone. Adapting to the market, no beef is on the menu but you can get an awesome veggie burger or a spicy paneer wrap. 
OLD and NEW: New bridges and roads contrast tuk-tuk transportation and spiritual statues.


OLD: Oranges can be found at numerous roadside stands to be purchased whole or juiced on site.


NEW: Fancy truffles fill the case of a candy shop.

OLD and NEW making headlines: RUSK Being Sexy hairspray was used to create the necessary hold for the funky up-style worn with a designer Indian bridal dress. 

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