Beauty Trends: America’s Love Affair with Lashes + Giveaway

Reflecting back on the beauty industry over the last few years, one area that has seen enormous growth is eyelash extensions. So it’s no surprise that “American women spent 44 million dollars on fake eyelashes last year” says Dr. Travis from the CBS television show The Doctors. Many have the opinion that long lashes make a woman look and feel beautiful. But it’s not just women who are drawn to this growing trend. Other studies have shown that what subconsciously attracts men to women is the size of a woman’s eyelashes.

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Instant gratification is what people are looking for these days. As a Lash Expert, that is what I give them. Excitement fills the room when I show my clients their new lashes. They walk a little taller, smile a little brighter and confidence fills them from that moment forward.

It’s no secret that a woman’s daily regimen can be overwhelming at times -  from manicures to pedicures, skin care, hair styling, and makeup. Having eyelash extensions can significantly reduce your daily routine. They can be worn in the shower, the pool, and even the ocean. You can wake up every day with full beautiful lashes. There is no need for layers of mascara, which can lead to clumping, flaking or mishaps in extreme weather conditions.  And there are many other benefits as well, like avoiding that embarrassing scenario we can all relate to when a strip lash falls off at the most inopportune time.

Semi permanent lash extensions come in a few variations; Silk blend, Siberian Mink or Synthetic. Choosing the right length, thickness and curl gives each person that customized look. More importantly choosing an experienced lash expert will ensure the extensions are applied to each individual eyelash correctly. Isolating each lash during the application process is how you achieve a natural flawless looking set of lash extensions.

The average person’s lashes fall out every 45 - 60 days, due to the natural growth cycle. So, I recommend getting a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks to fill in any lashes that have fallen out. I often remind my clients of the importance of using this time to relax and pamper themselves. A “fill” takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete and is a perfect time for you to unwind.

My lash client’s range from high level executives, stay at home moms, athletes, models, pageant girls, from young to old. My older clientele always puts a smile on my face when I see how amazed they are at the years that are noticeably shaved off their appearance just after the initial application. Having a fresh, bright-eyed look with long lashes always does a woman good. Eyelash extensions are perfect for a special occasion or for day to day wear. Personally, I think every day is a special occasion. The countless testimonials and thank-you emails I receive feed my passion for bringing out the best in someone’s appearance. Remember, if you are confident you are beautiful. —Jenelle Paris, Beauty Couture Lash Boutique


[Image courtesy of Jenelle Paris]

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