Charlie Price's Spring Trends

Charlie Price, Launchpad Guest Blogger
OMG! Launchpad asked ME to write a blog ? What were they thinking? Do they have any idea what they are in for? I guess we will find out together right my friends?

Let’s start with spring trends. Whaddaya say? I love the beauty trend of braids. Braids are soft, feminine and romantic but can also be dramatic and cool. In the two photos shown here I tried to harmonize this duality. Who knew? Braids have multiple personalities; I thought it was just me.

THE BRUNETTE – Alicia has a very strong fringe so I loosely corn-rowed the bangs around the hairline and sort of “mushed“ that braid around the head using bobby pins to keep the shape quite close o the head not unlike a wig wrap. To finish the look I used a styling wax and further “destroyed” the look, which enhanced the soft fly-away hairs. I think the haphazard sizes and placement gives the style attitude, while the frizzies lend it a romantic notion.

THE BLONDE – Sophie has long fine hair so I chose small but still messy cornrows and directed them back to the nape of her neck. The ends were gently wrapped into an uncontrived bun. As before I encouraged the fly-away look, this time by running my hands over the surface toward the face (the opposite direction of the braids). The cornrows provide an exotic element to the look while the soft halo of frizz adds a modern twist on the classic shape.

LEFTOVER HAIR – The other two portraits of Alicia and Sophie show one of my favorite techniques for long sexy hair. I love teaching my clients how to do this because it is an easy way to add something new to the ubiquitous “long wavy” hair that everyone wears these days. Wash dry and curl the hair with a curling iron. Before going to bed wrap large sections of the hair into four or five large pin-curls. Make sure to use bobby pins and a hair net to secure the curls. I know. I know. Not a sexy look to wear in the sack with your man right? Well listen up ladies your hair will look so hot for the next two or three days that he will look forward to “hairnet night”. The following morning work through the set with wet fingers (only a tiny bit of water now) and then work styling cream through the hair for separation. The surface of the hair can be backcombed gently for even more texture. Voila! Up to three days of vixen locks! You’re welcome my darlings!

Whew! Honey I’m exhausted! Tune in next time for more salon secrets from your dodgy host…ME! CHEERS!

Photography: Babak

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