ISSE: From the Showroom Floor

As I blog from the press room here at the Long Beach Convention Center during the second day ISSE, I am overwhelmed, inspired, awe-struck, delighted and overwhelmed all over again. Who knew beauty could conjure so many emotions? Let me back things up a bit...

Soy4Plex Liquicolor Permanente. There's no denying, this is an exciting launch. Not only because it marks the reinvention of the Clairol brand, but becuase the results are clearly impressive. While I nearly embarrassed myself, stroking the models' hair as if they were show ponies, I couldn't get over the vibrant color, silky texture and mega shine imparted by the haircolor. Miss Clairol is back in a big way.

Today, I experienced my very first "Shellac-ing" courtesy of CND and their new Shellac line. This is not your typical mani. This mani has staying power - about 14 days worth to be exact. That's right, it goes on like a polish (with curing between coats) and chipping, no denting, no peeling for 2 WEEKS! I'm still in shock.

A first-hand look at CND's Shellac at the CND Breakfast

A few hundred booth visits,one-on-one tutorials, an eyebrow wax, and a haircut later and I have fully immersed myself in the ISSE world. No wonder this show generates such a crowd. I'm certainly a convert.

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