SpaFinder's Top 10 Global Spa Trends Report

SpaFinder's Top 10 Global Spa Trend ReportFor those of you who operate or own a spa, or offer spa services in your salon, you may have noticed a few trends evolving as the year 2009 passed. And if you want to stay ahead of the curve for 2010, SpaFinder's got you covered.

The company compiled a list of the "Top 10 Global Spa Trends to Watch in 2010." Here's three LP finds interesting:

The New “P” Word: Goodbye, pampering. Hello, prevention. Well, not so fast. It’s more like, move over, pampering; hello, prevention. Against the backdrop of a global healthcare crisis, prevention is poised to be the new “it” word of the spa industry in 2010 and beyond. But rather than replacing established industry concepts like pampering and wellness, it’s a sharp (and smart) refocusing of the conversation. Pampering, after all, speaks to the goal of most spa-goers of stress reduction and relaxation, and that in itself is preventive.

Not “Going to” But “Belonging to” a Spa: No longer a place where you infrequently “go” for the occasional treatment, spas are being creatively reimagined as places of “belonging”—not only literally, through the rise in membership programs, but also in the diverse ways spas are being recast as social or communal hubs—contributing the additional, although unspoken, benefit of emotional health.

Stillness: The modern human experience is an unprecedented amount of sensory overload, noise, and media stimulation. We’re wired to the gills, spending nearly all waking hours in front of TV and computer screens—bombarded, texting, Tweeting, clattering away—now even on airplanes. With the spa as one of the last remaining sanctuaries of silence and serenity, look for the industry to put a new emphasis on stillness, on slowness, on silence.

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